Wednesday, August 04, 2004

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IMELDA has spawned over a dozen articles since its controversial showing, but this takes the issue a notch funnier :-P (Sana may libreng Manolos kung bibili ka)

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Had dinner with a good friend of mine last night. It's good to catch up with people you rarely see these days, is it not? We talked about the latest chicka and new developments in career paths (wahaha, feeling!!!) Over cappuccino and iced mocha (CBTL, of course) we began digress to topics of possible settlement areas for the next few years, as well as immediate plans to get out of the country.

It's weird how moving to another country has become a part of the daily conversation these days, like, it's not big deal. Hearing myself and other people talk about it, it sounds like the place you're moving to is just around the corner:

"So, where will you be moving to?"
"oh, Canada. I've decided on it already, it's a LOT better than staying here..." "Oh, yeah, my tita and her family are moving there next year, my tito is already there anyway..."
"Really? Don't you think it's better than the US?"
"well, if you're going to settle, might as well go there..."
"blah blah blah blah blah..."

You get what i mean. I don't know if it's a good thing or not that most people i know have plans (immediate or otherwise) to leave the country --- after all, this country is a gretty good one (where else can i find a place which has an isaw stand in almost every corner?) but it's seriously having problems with how it's being run (recent election hogwash, et al.). Haaay.

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